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A page of poetry, including holiday destinations, love and loss, humorous, poetry for children and hard hitting issues such as domestic violence and child abuse. There is also inspirational and though provoking poetry. I try to be a little different and have many styles including my o...
A very expensive venture when imagination takes ove
A place in the sun to meet your budget, could be a holiday home high up on a hill in Jamaica, swapping Brighton for Cyprus, or the delights of Turkey, the newness of Costa Rica, St Lucia, Australia.
Having an awesome holiday is not about how much money one has on budget but on which place they will spend their holiday in. Probably, you have visited a particular place only to find that your expectations were not met. This is because you did not take your time to read about what to...
Overnight torrential rain turned the Leeds Festival site into a mudbath today with many music fans (such as Rebecca Henderson, 20, Annmarie Shannon, 22, and Helen Welburne,22) struggling to stay upright in the slippery field. Some revellers ended up covered from head to toe in mud, pi...
Peace challenger she! Every one on this terra firma wants to engrave one's name indelibly....
'Well, mastermind, what do you make of this place?' Asked Alex. 'It's far too early to comment.'
I remember feeling very insecure at that one moment when we were left helpless on that rope trolley as the operators went for a ten minute lunch break, giving hand signals that they will be back in ten minutes.
Limousines Cars are essentially luxury and feature loaded sedans that are designed as per the specific requirements of a customer. They are normally fitted with gadgets like Refrigerator, sofa sets, LCD and entertainment system, mini bars, Pantry etc. The interiors are customized to t...
In case you are thinking of going on a holiday, this article provides important considerations you should bear in mind.
This article is about holiday throw pillows:Create Christmas Magic with Holiday Throw Pillows
My time in Turkey turned out to be seven weeks long. Read all about it here and what I learned and experienced whilst I was there.
Holidays are necessary to every one to get rest and refreshment from our routine. We all get tired and bored with normal routine and wish to have a change from it, holidays have the ability to give more comfort to us and most of us are expecting holiday from the week beginning
My daughter who is leaving on a trip to Egypt was getting all kinds stuff ready for the trip this actually got me thinking about a kind of universal traveling checklist. Perhaps it would include some of these items...
Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean island wedding destinations, because of the values and benefits that are on offer, not just sun, sand and sea,
Taking the limousine in the air, could be the greatest adventure of your life, it will get to to strange places for you to mixed with different cultures. people and places matter, so we need rapid transit to get us to where we want to be on vacation.
What are the benefits of air travel? The paradoxes of air travel is the consistency of reaching places where horse and cart could not go, and cruise ships takes longer, we have longer journeys completed in shorter time, we live in remote villages, but we can go shopping on city break...
Hi fellow traverllers, a short review of the hotel tropicana jasmine club, that i stayed in, in Sharm -el - Sheik, Egypt
the Caribbean is an ideal setting for beach wedding, and you can take many pictures, and watch the immaculate tropical sunset, go down, sit under the brilliant stars and gaze into the heavens, it is truly that incredible.
Some glad morning when its holiday time, I will fly away to a sandy land, near the red sea in Sharm El Sheik,
A poem about holiday time in the summer, going through most aspects of the holiday
A brief visit to the sights and attractions of this beautiful South Pacific Island
For those who wish to learn the Spanish and Moroccan style of cooking and experience the natural home of this culinary art, what could be better than a cooking vacation?
Florida is renowned for its wealth of activity destinations but perhaps one place that is not as well known as others in this context is Destin Harbour
Paris, in addition to being one of the world's most romantic cities, comes alive with entertainment at night
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