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I get more rather sad news on my cellphone today. My holistic health doctor has passed away.
Father and I leave very very early for Pretoria and surroundings. Father has a lot of business to do there, and we have to go for our Holistic Health checkup today.
Research indicates that blood sugar can be moderated with cranberries.
No typo in the title; if the sun in your eyes sets your nose on explode mode, at least be assured you’re far from alone. Possibly up to thirty-five per cent of all people have this reaction. We may be messy and uncomfortable but we’re not freaks.
Coconut oil is a completely natural supplement that can help boost your horse's health.
I am a survivor of psychiatric medication, I suffer from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, I was on 11 different psychiatric medications from 2009 through 2012 and have found new life through a plant based diet, medical marijuana, nutritional suppleme...
An overview on this new style of treatment which focuses on merging different line of treatment to cure the patient in the holistic way.
A review on how treatments have changed from mere cure of disease to maintenance of the whole body.
Holistic medicine is also known as alternative medicine, According to holistic medicine the spiritual aspect should be considered when monitoring an individual's health.
Human beings live with unstated grief. The fear of dissolving away (death) fuels the unquenchable mystery surrounding our restless and dissatisfied condition. We, none, want to view life as pointless and futile knowing that all of our best effots end in the ground.
A change in consciousness is occurring all over the entire globe. It's such an exciting time to be alive and part of the evolutionary movement in mind, body and spirit. The traditional edcuational system is going through a climatic change, as well. Esoteric Psychological Education is...
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