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Flennoy O. Flippen a 59 year old resident from Los Angeles, California is accusing one of his former teachers of stealing his homework assignment back in 1972. He says that homework assignment was the original blue print for the movie Star Wars and that he is the father of the Star Wa...
We age as we add years to our life. The age shows up first as wrinkles on our face... tension and anxiety are siblings of age and speed up the aging process by adding frown lines to the wrinkles!
The practice of hair removal is not of recent times and has been in vogue since several centuries. It is a known fact that ancient Egyptians also used it, especially the Priests. However, it has really caught on in the last 100 years.
The veteran star, who died in Switzerland, will have a private funeral in Monaco in accordance with his wishes, his children said.
Priyanka is a top Bollywood actress but now she is striking it out in Hollywood
I've always been a cinema lover, but I've stopped going to the cinema as often as I used to.
A review of Jurassic World, which got quite a bit of hate from the fan base when it hit the cinemas.
Troubled Hollywood star Charlie Sheen revealed Tuesday morning that he is HIV positive.
I love watching Turner Classic Movies to get reacquainted with the old Hollywood stars. One of my favorites is Bette Davis.
I feel like bitching so just know the rest of my thoughts on the matter may be in a nagging tone. The thing is, I honestly think Hollywood should take a break. And by Hollywood, I mean all filmmaking businesses and production houses who cram out (crap out) films that are only unins...
Absolutely ridiculous ... Perhaps I'm too serious :)
Yesterday, September 30, 2015, was the 60th Anniversary of the tragic death of Hollywood icon James Dean.
"Kingsman: The secret service" is a must see movie.Magistrale movie !
A rom-com mixed with crime. A pure popcorn movie with Smith, thank God, not acting as in "After Earth"
A trashy cyber spectacle with flashy action, a comfortable pace and fine SE's which make Chappie's look lifelike.
A worthy successor of the first movie. That's for sure !
Three movies of striking cultural significance with reference to the time they were made are American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused and Superbad. All take as their premise a kind of one night coming of age, a last hurrah, a final goodbye for friends about to head off into their own dir...
Many people have reported seeing Elvis in different places. We have heard stories of the such. Until the last decade the world thought of him as being deceased. It is true Elvis the image is gone but the man is alive and is going by his dead twin's name, Jesse Garon.
This is the demise of one of the action icons from the past, who plays one paltry role after the other. The only things he shows in these roles are comatose glances and some mumbled dialogues. You want to see this charismatic and extremely cool action figure in action again, then I su...
It's not a bad movie, but also nothing that special. Just an old-fashioned detective story with a ex-cop who had an alcohol problem. Doesn't that sound familiar ?
A dark,gloomy and depressing movie where a bunch of things go wrong. But the acting is superb !
Everyone enjoys cycling whether he is writers, poets, artists, actors or musician . This iron horse taught Ernest Hemingway about travel. Hollywood Stars even turn riding bicycle a fashionable trend, and every fashionista carefully chooses a vehicle that would be comfortable and styl...
Teenage movie with lot of jumping and a predictable ending ... Not my cup of tea !
A disturbing portray ? yep ! But in the end we are all a bit like Lou ...
I love watching fantasy movies. But this one was downright ridiculous at times. A good movie isn't about CGI only ...
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