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To buy or rent a home? When approached with a decision of two houses whose doors faced each other, one for purchase and one for lease, my husband and I were faced with a difficult question -- which was right for us?
A few smart tips can help prevent the purchase of a "money pit".
My top five deal breakers when purchasing a home come from my years of buying and selling real estate. You may love the home, but not the repair bills. Plan ahead and be an educated consumer.
Details about the real estate home buying process.
In this economy selling a home can be a daunting prospect due to the large inventory of existing home, unqualified buyers and the competition with foreclosed homes in just about every surrounding neighborhood.
For this article, I am going to write about the difference between buying a home or renting one. Here I will give specific reasons for my choice and why one could be important than the other and how it might help some readers with their decisions.
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