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When the New York Times editorial board, to which the White House pays close attention, calls for Edward Snowden to be allowed to come back to America without being imprisoned, that is big news indeed.
Twenty law enforcement agencies. A year and a half of planning. And this was the exercise they planned...
We have in America an out-of-control government that finds it perfectly acceptable to spy on peaceful, non-violent citizens petitioning for redress of grievances.
Police departments all over America are arming themselves to the teeth with the sophisticated and lethal weapons of war.
In Arizona, if you are Latino, you are treated differently than whites, no matter what your credentials are.
"First, they came for the Muslims...", writes Chris Hedges. Will they be coming for us next?
With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, perhaps the most dangerous law in the nation's history, the government now assumes we are all terrorists.
In Washington the new "strategy against transnational crime" of President Obama is to reduce "the extent of crime, its scale and its influence and its consequences for the United States and the international security" said the adviser to President Obama's homeland security and counter...
Transportation Security Administration's new Secure Flight initiative, which requires you to provide your full name as it appears on a government-issued I.D., your date of birth and your gender
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