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The second chapter sees Elizabeth remembering the mining town of Opalgem: how it looked like and the spartan life of the miners lived-the horror of the life in this town in the heart of the Australian outback slowly come back to her.
With a little forethought and preparation, meal times can be an effortless, educational, delicious and healthy part of your homeschool day together.
Why is our current public education system producing factory workers with limited cognitive abilities? Here is a plan to balance our budget and fix the education system in the western world.
Daily diary entries detailing what my life is like day to day as a homeschooling Mom
A timeline enhances learning and can easily be constructed for the classroom at home.
An independent review of Bob Jones University Press homeschooling textbook curriculum.
In order to get all the ins and outs of Abeka homeschooling materials you can easily access their website,, or view their catalog. This will give you the costs, scope and sequence of all grades and subjects, and variety of program options. What I would like to do is give...
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