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Learning outside of people in home based school condition is self-teaching. Strategies & educational modules of instructing in self-teaches are differed. An approach of joined investigations is connected for showing different subjects. Online help for it is additionally accessible. Th...
With a little forethought and preparation, meal times can be an effortless, educational, delicious and healthy part of your homeschool day together.
My son has been looking forward to baseball season and joining a team all year. But I am filled with trepidation. Maybe other parents are too -- maybe there's something more we can do?
Distance education or distance learning is a method of presentation of educational materials showing work by correspondence , or presented on the Internet. It allows students to have access to professors and other experts believe may not be available locally. Students generally use th...
Our first few months of homeschooling have presented a few challenges - some expected, some surprises.
The decision to homeschool or not is definitely NOT and easy decision.
Making the decision to homeschool is usually very difficult and not one to be taken lightly. It is a personal decision that I can't make for you, but maybe I can help in the thought process. When making the homeschool decision, consider these things:
At some point or another, many parents of gifted children comtemplate homeschooling their children. It may be when the children are still young and haven't yet started school or it may be after the children have started school and the parents realize that the needs of the children are...
This poem is about a home, who would live which home nobody knows. With many hopes and aspiration and dreams are seeded in a home.
The pros and cons of homeschooling compared to more traditional methods of schooling.
Its a simple guide to start homeschooling. Innovative and practical tips to start homeschooling.
Why is our current public education system producing factory workers with limited cognitive abilities? Here is a plan to balance our budget and fix the education system in the western world.
Why are Christians so vocal in their opposition to the rise of socialism in America but they are silent about socialism in our public school system? Replacing monopoly with competition would bring much improvement to government schools.
Parents want the best education for their children. The standard of public education varies depending on where you live. Parents need to weigh up the pros and cons before making decisions about homeschooling. Read on to see if homeschooling is the best option for your family.
“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” said Edmund Burke. How should Christians respond when the government or the courts strike down their liberties? There seems to be a hypersensitive concern for the rights of homosexuals or certain ethnic gr...
Ice Cream in a Bag Anyone? What about ice cream in a bag? O, what a shock!!
How a monster movie started us off on an educational journey!
How an interest in dinosaurs broadened my son's education!
While it’s true that there have never been more educational options and opportunities than there are today, it can also be said that it has never been more difficult for parents to be certain they’re making the right educational choices for their kids. This article discusses some...
A timeline enhances learning and can easily be constructed for the classroom at home.
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