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Sometimes homophobia can reach extreme levels, as is evidenced by an initiative proposed by a Southern California lawyer that calls for executing all the gays in the state.
A new law in Indiana that permits businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender customers is generating a tremendous backlash throughout the nation.
What happened this past week in America is nothing out of the ordinary. The stories below are hardly unique. Similar stories unfold constantly in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
The world has about 7.5 billion humans and those who are homosexuals or bisexuals are few Yet we give them so much attention I wonder why?
We are making great strides against homophobia in this country, but there are places where folks still have a lot to learn
It took an enormous amount of courage for Jason Day to become the first active professional athlete in history to come out publicly as gay.
A unique celebration spontaneously erupted in New Zealand's Parliament after gay marriage was legalized.
The scourge of prejudice and homophobia in our society is unconscionable. We are - all of us - after all, brothers and sisters.
If you discovered your son was gay, how would you react? Would you support him?
Republicans in the U. S. House of Representatives continue to reveal their contempt for women as they gut the Violence Against Women Act.
PLEASE BE AWARE This article contains pictures of an erotic nature SEX! Even the word is enough to draw the reader to find out more, the fact is people are curious about sexuality and never tire of it. We cant help it! it's in our psychi. (Is that how you spell it?)
There are serious ramifications when so-called Christians rail against homosexuality.
A pastor in North Carolina thinks he knows how to prevent kids from being gay.
School bullying can have unexpected and tragic repercussions, and schools should seek to educate all of their students regarding its possible consequences.
A talented friend was kicked to death in a lonely alleyway, just because he was gay.
Asian dramas or soaps has ejoying a phenomenon success. It boosts high rating show and the show is waited by many. While selling the idea of "the triumph of good against evil", soaps carries a more sublimial message.
A response to the growing number of hate crime reports.
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