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The implosion of Syria has had profound effects on the West as much as the Middle East, none more so than the promotion of the phony narrative of the clash of civilisations
Mental illness rates are increasing worldwide, even though more and more money is being spent on combatting it. This is quite an achievement for something that doesn’t exist.
An analysis of the dishonest rhetoric surrounding the issue of the supposed Islamisation of the West.
the future of the morality of Homosexualism and the effect of this on young ones growing up.
The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
God instructs Moses as to how and when the priests should enter the holy place. He gives further instruction regarding moral and Sexual laws.
What do you think of when you hear the term "waxing?" There is another "waxing" you may not think about revealed in this article.
Following SCOTUS' ruling on gay marriage white houses of government across America have been spotlighted with the colors of the rainbow in favor of the "gay" element. Is this good? Read this article for the answer.
The Laramie Project is a wonderful thought provoking play about a young man who was murdered because he was gay.
SCOTUS has ruled that gay marriage is constitutional therefore good and right for Americans. What is your thought on that? This article lays out what true Christians might do to show opposition.
What do you think about SCOTUS' ruling on gay marriage? Would you care to hear another view on the subject? READ ON.
SCOTUS will soon consider and render a ruling on the issue of gay marriage. I have no doubt that their ruling will bring an unprecedented time of persecution for Christians and Christianity.
Felipe comes to the realization that like himself, Jordan is homosexual and is facing the same problems that he has had to cope with.
The English legal system was once the finest in the world, but not anymore.
Felipe finds employment and agrees to continue living with his cousin and her family. Jordan and Felipe face a dilemma.
Felipe learns more about St. John's and City Life. We learn more about Jordan.
Felipe remains in a dilemma. He cannot understand his feelings for Rodney and is angry with God for making him this way.
The relationship, or lack of relationship, between religion and morality
This is a column that has been stimulated by me feeling the pain of someone not being themselves in their lives. The medium here was homosexuality. We must never stop ourselves from being who we really are.
Homosexuality is gaining acceptance and a moral status beyond reason and understanding. This article sets forth the unacceptability and dangers of homosexuality.
The Mancharians have once before likened the evolution of the soul to a process as when a larva emerges from its cocoon, changing into a caterpillar that hangs precariously from a leaf, and eventually to a butterfly on its wings aloft. It is, in essence, a rite of passage of the huma...
My response to "homosexuality breaks the laws of nature".
In America, the premise is 'One Nation Under God'. The question is which one? Is it God of Israel or god of the world. America is looking more and more like the .world. The world of Sodom and Gomorrah where people do what they please, the world that Messiah came to save us from. Where...
I discuss the repercussions of taking the Bible literally and suggest that the church might find a better way of getting it's point across.
How can one know whether a soul is "old or new"? Is homosexuality ethical and in consonance and harmony with the universe and Creation? The Mancharians answer these questions and others as well in this writ with humility and candor. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
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