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On the Dinah Festival and who are, in fact, promoting and financing such trends and events.
This article is about a birthday celebration that my ladies group put on for someone. We went to the Gay Village to see a show. Some people may not like this but that is there business not mine.
The Laramie Project is a wonderful thought provoking play about a young man who was murdered because he was gay.
Sometimes homophobia can reach extreme levels, as is evidenced by an initiative proposed by a Southern California lawyer that calls for executing all the gays in the state.
In America, the premise is 'One Nation Under God'. The question is which one? Is it God of Israel or god of the world. America is looking more and more like the .world. The world of Sodom and Gomorrah where people do what they please, the world that Messiah came to save us from. Where...
Amid the horrors of The Holocaust in Dachau concentration camp in 1934, two gay men one with a pink triangle and one faking it with a Jewish star try to survive day-to-day life.
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
The world has about 7.5 billion humans and those who are homosexuals or bisexuals are few Yet we give them so much attention I wonder why?
This page discusses whether homosexuality is by choice or by nature? If by nature why do we not see it in other animals around us?
PLEASE BE AWARE This article contains pictures of an erotic nature SEX! Even the word is enough to draw the reader to find out more, the fact is people are curious about sexuality and never tire of it. We cant help it! it's in our psychi. (Is that how you spell it?)
A look at Colditz Castle its history and how it was not quite escape proof as it was thought to be.
I believe and I think I can demonstrate from the scripture that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a type and a figure of the rejecting nation of Israel in the last days.
We human beings have come through a long way. In this modern world everybody has the right to choose their partner or their profession they want to but there is a community which is deprived of these rights....
The age of persecution did not end with the demise of Hitler. Hatred of minorities is spreading like a cancer in Africa, and it is being promoted by sections of proclaimed christians from The United States of America.
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