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How some indian intelligence agency officials lack professionalism, honesty and personal integrity yet are given great powers and cannot be questioned for their great fraud on educated single women
How paid to click(PTC) websites have become the most reliable way to make money online without investment
This statement explains that it is important to be honest.. If you are honest, your character will always shine through.
The service employees are very much eager to get promotions when their promotions are due, they are generally allowed on the basis of the assessment of individual performance report. The honesty, integrity, sincerity are the bench mark for the promotion of an individual.All stak...
How many times have you allowed your emotions to take you where you really do not want to go...into a hell of your own making...I speak from experience...knowing that being able to recognize this pattern is a way to release it...enjoy and be honest with yourself!!!
Most people find it difficult to create an online dating profile. Actually, online dating profile is the first opportunity to attract your potential partner and one of the first steps towards success for singles. The aim of this article is to help single woman/girl to write an online ...
This is my opinion regarding the electoral system and the consequences of it as well as the attitude of the elected officials.
This is all about a man who is real and will never do things that will hurt a girl's heart. This is all about a good man.
This is about relationship, one mistake can destroy a life. It is about commitment and promises.
This is about real and true friends. Finding friends in school.
This is about true friends, on how to find and how to have true and real friends.
Explaining and sharing ideas about forgiving and forgetting. Explaining hatred and problems.
I feel that there is too much pressure on people to "keep up with the Joneses" and we end up forgetting what the true meaning of life is and how we should measure our success.
There are times we need to realize how our words affect others.
This article is about being Honest in our Married Life which help us to live a peaceful life.
This article gives the importance of honesty. which is the best policy
I am losing my faith in the integrity of Formula One. Read on to find out why.
I fed up with this condition. Honesty is being an expensive stuff in our society. How come?
A friend accepts you for what you are and never judges, that is what true friendship is all about.
poem I wrote to match a picture I did in a chat site photo competition, this is the link if u care to see the whole product.. Thanx for reading my poems
Have you heard about “honesty boxes” in the UK? How honest you are? Do you think it would works in your country? Read this interesting article.
During my fifty years living in this planet, I observe and see the result of dishonesty. I even concluded it as one of the many reasons why there is poverty and hardships to people and country. This condition hovers over many lands, and there are millions of children around the world ...
Honesty is important in any relationship, especially when it comes to finances. This article touches on a few suggestions that can help in keeping those lines of communication open.
Honest selling still has a place in this world. There is a professional association that abides by it.
It sounds so easy but it takes a lot of effort and guts to befriend a boss.
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