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The old story goes that "the old devil named Fear" said that he would take 5,000 people for sure, but instead about 100,000 people died and fear said "I took 5,000 people for sure, but perception took the rest." In reality, fear is simply a perception, so is courage. In life we must s...
We all get the temptation to lie and play games in life that benefit us and not others. Indeed, we get the temptation to cut corners when the going gets rough. That is never, ever in our best interest as conscious beings. In reality, the only way out is to work through it: cruise thro...
Everybody wants the truth, but does "everybody" always want what naturally follows after the truth, which is honesty. Lies may be told to avoid it, games may be played to get around it, but it always there: Honest reality. That is what this article is about.
When things get complicated, seek simple solutions that are realistic instead of complicated ones that are fantastic like glorified Rube Goldberg cartoons made into "real life". Earth one is here and now, Cloud Nine is the fantastic land that escapes here and now. Which will you choos...
Character is the basis for peace or chaos in any society.... In education, emphasis on "good character" is observed the third week of October.
This is about real and true friends. Finding friends in school.
Explaining and sharing ideas about forgiving and forgetting. Explaining hatred and problems.
What makes wikinut more interesting and fascinating than personal blogging,opportunity to make money or to be socialize here???
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