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A lot of developing Nations, especially from Africa seem so backwards in the global trend of technology, advancement in civilization and living condition and one may seem to wonder why this is so. Are there no resources at all in these regions? Even if there aren't, are the human reso...
A property owner of Hong Kong Mr Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung, offer ransom amount of 500 Million Hong Kong dollars equal to 64 million US dollars who win the heart of his Lesbian daughter.
This is my tribute for the following countries – who have contributed views and traffic to my Triond pages for the past 30 days. And to return their favors, this article will feature some trivia about them – this is my way to say thank you for the readers and other surfers from th...
2012 is the year I am going to get out there and start striking off my ever growing list of places to go before I settle down & so something ‘productive’ – god forbid.
My personal experience in hongkong. Read and be enlightened to the rich culture of Hongkong
From 1st January,2011 onwards Mc Donald's restaurants at Hong started Mc Wedding parties
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