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This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry
Hope.We all live in a fools paradise hope is the only panacea of all ailing minds So let's help them to hope hopefully
This is a story based on truth and Experience of light and darkness and where we can find Hope
Newton’s laws states: For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is indisputable! However, most people do not realize that this unquestionable law of physics also applies to every aspect of our lives and the world around us!
We are advancing exponentially every year. How fast and how far can we go? Will we be the cause of the extinction of life on our planet? We are one human family. Its time for each of us to be responsible. Time is very short!
This is all about putting our trust in God. He will never let us fall, God will never give up on us so we should not give up on Him. This is all about faith and trust.
"There is still hope because God said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Even at times when our future seems uncertain and falling apart, believe that God is there for us. He is ever willing to restore everything that we have loss."
Tragic Circumstances creat hope and the will to survive. This poem is a story of exactly that the strength tragedy creates.
A street painter attempts to paint a women everyone believes to be a witch. He is taken by surprise.
A short story about a feeling that people go through on a daily basis in relationships. They ask me for advice and I write it down in lyrics or a poem or just a random story. I appreciate the light it brings to their eyes when they see it from my perspective. They thank me and it bles...
Sometimes life is about just surviving by putting one foot in front of the other. Always we will face a darkness within, behind or around us and the ability to persevere is so common all around us that we never realize the immense power we have within to not just survive, to thrive. T...
With a promise of new life extended. We have new dreams to go with old desires, waking up to face a new horizon. God can turn our night into day, our darkness into light, our despair into hope. He is a God that specializes in miracles
This is a song of life written by two new friends fallingin an artful love to promote their individual art
A song about the highs and lows all being a part of life
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