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An abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth and identity. Broken Tokens.
A spiritual warfare poem of life, persecution and truth.
It's important, it's important, it's important that a vessel has an accurate perception. And the world as well. I'm hungry for understanding and thirsty for righteousness. That's all I can see for myself at this point in life. Utterly enthralled by the goodness and the Light.
I've witnessed some highs and lows in life. Clarity and obscurity. Such things enable understanding of God's movements and actions in the lives of His children. Everything from pain and peril to joy in refuges, God doesn't make trash. For it is satan who yearns to pervert all He has ...
How long will this continue to go on, how many more children will suffer.
Like many of my other poems, Emeraldy Flame Shadows was scripted around faith, life and challenges. God is Light and omnipotent. This season has been full of spirit riches and revelation. God is expanding.
A poem about how a friendship blossomed into a passionate love only to be lost in the end. While, the door is still open for it to return someday.
The more we depend upon God, the more closer we draw near to him. God's plans for our lives is bigger than our mistakes. when we put our faith and trust in him, he is able to delver us from adverse situation. when we believe in his promises, we can always depend on God to show up.
(3/28/17) God doesn't always disprove what man disproves nor approves what man approves. I believe that awakening to a spiritual life isn't just a one time thing. God is constantly refreshing and renewing our understandings. When life get difficult, know that, in the Light, God will a...
A spiritual warfare poem of light and embracement of a few aspects of this battle that grew my faith. Things I cherish as power that can give light and life to any in the Light who can read my stuff. Glory to God.
I would call this point in my life "acceptance". I've found the strength to come to grips with all things: Past, present, and future. How we feel regarding our challenges pale in comparison to God's bigger purpose of it all. Now, I wouldn't call a challenge a piece of darkness but a c...
A spiritual inspirational poem originally scripted in 2015. Exalting and praising the Lord. I've witnessed His glorious Light even more since. Miracles and His promises kept. I've witnessed prophecies come into fruition for which I have no explanation for and I'm a very analytical per...
"Some Stuff I Don't Know" is an abstract spiritual warfare poem. One that will speak for itself.
A poem of Revelation. God actually shocked me with this one here. May we pray for the salvation of all. Stay connected with the spiritual reality. Always open to the will of God. And God bless the indingenous.
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of truth and light. It can speak for itself.
I once heard that success doesn't last forever but I believe that to be debatable. What I think it is is that the perspectives and motives for pursuit of a goal vary. For me, as I've mentioned on numerous occassions, that I'm driven by my love of poetry, inspiration and faith in God t...
Dedicated to all the residents I've worked for in my career as a CNA.
Here's a spiritual poem with societal truth. Eh.. Polyphagous amusements...
We all lose a loved one in one way or another. The hurt makes us often question whether it is worth the time and effort ... Please join me as I discuss my feelings about this in my chronicle!
I remember when Emily Dickenson described hope as being "The thing with feathers." And to this day I still internalize it. Selflessness over selfishness and working towards a greater cause. Or good is the ultimate motive. Towards the glory of God. Not self. We all make mistakes and ha...
I speak on hope and try to determine if it is a rational response.
Doing something different and out of my ordinary this morning. I'm going to be telling you a little story, but first, let me ask you a hypothetical question: Have you ever just sat back, feeling numb and like your head was in the clouds, know where you wanted to go, where your suppos...
Some of my more recent writings. I hope you enjoy them
With all the turmoil going on throughout the world, the world stinks. Our world is sad place to live. But you know what the good news is about that? Those are all opportunities for you to use your skills and talents to give back and fix things inside your circle.
Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
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