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Sometimes we feel ashamed of what or who we've become and where we are in life..this is one of those times.
Doing something different and out of my ordinary this morning. I'm going to be telling you a little story, but first, let me ask you a hypothetical question: Have you ever just sat back, feeling numb and like your head was in the clouds, know where you wanted to go, where your suppos...
It should be obvious that we live in troubled times, even perilous times. What is the cause for these perilous times. This article will disclose a fundamental human problem.
This is one of my poems ... I wrote it in the form of English Sonnet.
This poem is about a day in the life of a New York City canner.
I held the pen... writing of war and mans inhumanity to man. Being called to defend a country and not knowing exactly why. The casualties of war and not speaking of the horrors witnessed on the battlefield..
"There is still hope because God said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Even at times when our future seems uncertain and falling apart, believe that God is there for us. He is ever willing to restore everything that we have loss."
A random poem that I've been thinking about lately. Comments are open.
Throughout life there is nothing more important then money. Yes love may seem like it is but money is at the base. When you have it, you need more. When you don't have it you need more. You get more and it's still not enough.
A Poem that I thought about using as a title for a collected works of poetry in the future. So this Poem is the aftermath of what I thought of. Comments are open.
Consider the looming lies and fears that trap a woman or even a man in a emotionally abusive and draining relationship, that leaves a trail of visible and invisible scars. Then consider the desperate and daring hope of "illegal" immigrants who find themselves with their backs against...
In here, all of my dark thoughs of myself, others and the world is gathered. It may contain some hope, but dont be sighting with relief yet; many of them contains hidden words and meaning. Unless youre a bit like me, you wont understand. Some writings is something i have experienced, ...
A short story about a feeling that people go through on a daily basis in relationships. They ask me for advice and I write it down in lyrics or a poem or just a random story. I appreciate the light it brings to their eyes when they see it from my perspective. They thank me and it bles...
Another job... another few cents. ARGH! This short-short was written for an assignment for my Uni studies but ended up being a reflection of my working life! LOL
Its not the sins or the wrong doings that kill a man but the state of being a 'sinner' and being left out all alone in this world.
Did you ever wish love had a manual to help you sometimes in life?. How about a special made one just for you?.
What visions and stories we have in our dreams, whether awake or asleep! Wonderful!
A day to day struggle, I fight to live. Homeless, young and without family, I can only think to much is life really worth to me?
This poem was made shortly after 'Christmas Mourning' but I decided to wait in order to publish it and wait until Christmas to officially publish it. I want to shout out to my readers with a Merry Christmas! And maybe a look into how I see Christmas through my eyes. I'll leave it to t...
Recently human beings are becoming more inhuman because of their selfishness. Words are not enough in expressing it. Here are some examples of inhumanity.
People that fall in love than be left alone hopeless
There had been a conflict in my life whether to live or die. But I made up my mind to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful life after many vacillations. That make a great will power and faith in the Creator.
This will turn into a very long production. Lost Humanity has been a pet project of mine for a while now. I have kind of fallen behind on it, but that's about to turn around (I hope). To start, here is the prologue to the (hopefully) episodic release of Lost Humanity, a tale of the en...
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