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Doing something different and out of my ordinary this morning. I'm going to be telling you a little story, but first, let me ask you a hypothetical question: Have you ever just sat back, feeling numb and like your head was in the clouds, know where you wanted to go, where your suppos...
"Yes, I'm a bum, deal with it. I have nothing to offer society. Now, may I still have your money, pwease?"
Life comes with many stressor's. How we handle those stresses will effect the quality of our lives. We deal with life and all it's ups and downs either negatively or positively. Our choice will determine the outcome of our situations.
Are you facing an absence of mental, spiritual and emotional vitality? Here are some symptoms you may recognize. We sometimes withdraw and lose our focus and become so dead inside. Time for a change.
My professional life is going well, unfortunately life is like a seesaw and my personal life goes down to counterbalance the achievement.
In all walks of life when you wonder if things can not get any better, there is always hope
This poem is about a day in the life of a New York City canner.
Sometimes life heaps unfair burdens on people. When things seem hopeless, God often sends comfort in unexpected ways.
I wrote this poem while working in a school, because I wanted to welcome all the children of the world to success and achievements.
My son was going through a rather acrimonious divorce and at one point his ex wanted to stop him seeing his son whom he loves dearly. I as his Father ahd a feeling of hopelessness, there was nothing that I could do. All is OK now though.
I held the pen... writing of war and mans inhumanity to man. Being called to defend a country and not knowing exactly why. The casualties of war and not speaking of the horrors witnessed on the battlefield..
"There is still hope because God said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Even at times when our future seems uncertain and falling apart, believe that God is there for us. He is ever willing to restore everything that we have loss."
A street painter attempts to paint a women everyone believes to be a witch. He is taken by surprise.
A random poem that I've been thinking about lately. Comments are open.
When is it OK to give up hope? When is it OK to 'take a dive'? As you read my page you'll learn without a doubt the answer is a clear and resounding - Never.
A Poem that I thought about using as a title for a collected works of poetry in the future. So this Poem is the aftermath of what I thought of. Comments are open.
this poet that keeps everything inside,sometimes lashes out from time to time,this pice of work i created while listening to some dark goth rock,i'm heavily influenced by music in general,but the music laced with hurt and pain is my main motivation to write,combined with personal stru...
A short story about a feeling that people go through on a daily basis in relationships. They ask me for advice and I write it down in lyrics or a poem or just a random story. I appreciate the light it brings to their eyes when they see it from my perspective. They thank me and it bles...
Another job... another few cents. ARGH! This short-short was written for an assignment for my Uni studies but ended up being a reflection of my working life! LOL
They said that it's free to wish for some things we want to happen. Although that statement is true.. we must not expect for things to happen. Because sometimes... wishes are only meant to be wish without any possibilty to became true.
Its not the sins or the wrong doings that kill a man but the state of being a 'sinner' and being left out all alone in this world.
Did you ever wish love had a manual to help you sometimes in life?. How about a special made one just for you?.
This is a little poem I wrote a year back. I never really could understand why I wrote it. Hope you all like reading it. And please do share your inferences..
This poem takes a critical look at the prospect of having multiple partners at the same time. It is designed to make people think twice about having many romantic relationships at the same time as well as using these partners just for sex. It gives the reader a look at the many postiv...
A lonely old hermit tells a short story about a sad homeless man. I wish him good luck.
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