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Doing something different and out of my ordinary this morning. I'm going to be telling you a little story, but first, let me ask you a hypothetical question: Have you ever just sat back, feeling numb and like your head was in the clouds, know where you wanted to go, where your suppos...
This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry
Hope.We all live in a fools paradise hope is the only panacea of all ailing minds So let's help them to hope hopefully
This is a story based on truth and Experience of light and darkness and where we can find Hope
Excessive hardship and adversity often generate fear. It is best not to give in to fear but to increase your knowledge regarding the cause of your struggle ~ in order to make needed changes in your attitude.
"There is still hope because God said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Even at times when our future seems uncertain and falling apart, believe that God is there for us. He is ever willing to restore everything that we have loss."
A street painter attempts to paint a women everyone believes to be a witch. He is taken by surprise.
written for all the people out here,that have been consumed by cancer in there families,my take on this life that will never make sense to me,the best people in the world taken away from us by a disease that has no takes young and old alike...and the saddest thing is,t...
Consider the looming lies and fears that trap a woman or even a man in a emotionally abusive and draining relationship, that leaves a trail of visible and invisible scars. Then consider the desperate and daring hope of "illegal" immigrants who find themselves with their backs against...
A short story about a feeling that people go through on a daily basis in relationships. They ask me for advice and I write it down in lyrics or a poem or just a random story. I appreciate the light it brings to their eyes when they see it from my perspective. They thank me and it bles...
Another job... another few cents. ARGH! This short-short was written for an assignment for my Uni studies but ended up being a reflection of my working life! LOL
love is beautifull if you know love is different with lie love can make me fly but love can kill me i know but i love you
Mysteries in mind thought. Random patterns that wander aimlessly in the mind. A hope, a dream, cares left open to search my heart.a
Electronic age, Cell Phones and the likes we never dreamed in the past. Knowing what technology can offer to every common individual, spans a life time of study in trial and error. However never giving up and the repetition of trying again. The same goes in life. We learn from the er...
This is a poem about thinking - and the various aspects of rationality.
this is for the one who is hoping to be theirselves..
Just someone who feels like they're not good enough in other people's eyes getting noticed and falling in love.
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