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It's a poem on the heart’s longing for a lost beloved.
A man watches the sunrise and the affect the sun and the sky has on the land around him. He understands how small he is in the scheme of things as he looks around the beauty of a landscape. For a moment he sees this wonder with the innocence of child before experience and education to...
These short stories show a child’s faith in his/her father and the belief that ‘dad’ can do anything.
We are slowly but surely embracing a lifestyle far removed from what we were used to. Are we becoming less human but more individualistic, selfish, even robotic in our thinking and action?
Only sharing The distant horizon draws near... eyes can but dwell ..and nose soft perfume smell ...where are we now hell!
We all hope to have made a difference, to have left a legacy in our lifetime. For most of us the small everyday things we do become but a ripple in the pool of humanity, mattering simply to those we have chosen to love.
It was a warm day as I stood under a warm sun watching pastures of green meadows rise to a horizon drawing a line under a deep blue sky.
My poem " [link=]Kid, stand on your own [/link] " was published on 06-Mar-2011. Now, I'm surprised to see that this poem has been receiving many views per day recently.
"On a market you can see the people run. The life itself sells here knowing all..."
"From the maternal gloom original light came... ...and I was born by chance..."
Winter is reminder of the mystery of life's cycle. In its cold and stark months, we need only to remember the promise of spring...
Painting is a not a new passion for me. I recently decided to put myself out there as a professional artist. I do commissions through word of mouth and small shows when I can. 'Sunset' was painted at 2am.
I wrote this poem for my two kids. They have grown up but they care little to read my poetry. I know one day they will appreciate my feelings. Please write your comments. I want to know whether the kids are same around the world, when they are born and as they grow up.
Heart is not only made up of just flesh, blood and nerves! It’s made of many things that cannot be sensed by a stethoscope or an X-ray camera!
I tried to present in this poem what Jiddu Krishnamoorthy said about Birth & Death. Am I successful? Am I clear in this expression?
Horizon Line or eye level, the horizon line or eye level represents the height of the eye through a horizontal line. It is normally 5 feet in scale measurement in relation to the ground line.
~ 26 hours behind the wheel ~ highway bridges yawned before me ~ toothless mouths ~ endless voids ~ windshield of my truck a face looking back ~ a monster waiting to devour me ~ window down cursing ~ swallowed by the cocoon of time ~
~tympany of armor~whisper leaves click~roots of dawn~dinosaurs and ants~devour us~give birth our children~God-brain consciousness~chaos~catastrophe~stasis~reduced mobility~mordidity~ metamorphisis~blood on blood definition~diseased to survive~destined to breed out~
I tried to depict the eternal nature of word as it reverberates and transcends from age to age. Lines 13-20 refer to Mahabharatha war where Arjuna was demystified by Lord Krishna. Lines 21-24 refer to the Cosmic dance of Shiva. "I" am the eternal soul in this poem. 'Turbulent dark...
Father was determined. he was never nervous with risks. He handled all situations with a smile in the corner of the lips
A poem about celebrating life and uplifting joy. About seeing all of nature and the wonderment of God's creations. To be free like a bird and fly anywhere and everywhere.
There's always this feeling inside that shakes you into character. Though we don't always know how to react when we see it in other people, but we soon understand why such a silly thing happens.
The poem is about celebrating Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.
I believe in my dreams One day you open the box Fly out All my joys
Getting up at dawn. I was on an island.I wanted to witness the gloriousness of dawn. The sun, its colours, its magic.The sunrise.
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