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I wake up from a nightmare. I can't remember what it was about or how it started, but I do remember that Stingley and I got into a really heated argument.
Well, now that Petros is no longer on this vacation with us, I should finally have rest for my soul and enjoy this vacation, right? Wrong. Seems no matter what I do or where I go, there's always someone to put me through a wringer. Now it's Elmarie's children, Stingley Junior and T...
After thinking this vacation has been going rather well, and that my initial fears of this vacation being a test of enduring of negative emotions and wishing it was over wouldn't come to pass, I'm afraid lately it seems we are right back to what I had feared.
For some months now, I have finally been feeling like I need a vacation. I love what I do, so I seldom if ever even think about stopping to do it so I can go on a long vacation. I just didn't need it. But once every few years, I do feel I want to go be quiet somewhere and think and ...
After coming from Studio C this morning, Mother and I find Father working on getting breakfast ready. He's just returned from his aeroplane factory where, now that Petros is here, he is joined by Petros in his efforts.
Jess is a sex slave. Her family was tricked into thinking she'd be getting a decent job, but in the new country all her identity is taken, so she can serve as a sex slave. The Trilogy captures the various stages of pain and numbness she goes through, with the two alternate endings de...
A majority of the time a successful business isn’t standing solely on the founder’s back. Strong businesses may start that way, but over time they grow to be a mix of not only the product or service offered, but the individuals working to deliver that product or service. Hiring th...
I think that anyone can guess where I got the idea for this poem. This poem is more-off straightforward. Comments are open.
Meme negotiates with the witch, but the ugly witch wants something precious from her in return of her request.
Gossip at homes, at offices, at pubs, at malls , at cafe's, at graves, at terminals, at weddings, at birthdays, at morgues.... How disgusting. Why not try to grow ?
A working environment is one imperative feature to deem by the boss and the rest of the employees. A harmonious relationship among the workers is very essential. But in this story you will learn how to keep distance and save your trust.
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