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What do we want to see and what do we want to feel watching horror movies
This is my review of the movie, The Visit. It doesn't give away any type of spoilers, but gives my overall thoughts of it.
A recap of this week's episode of "Face Off" and the Horror Movie Challenge
LSD paranormal researches investigate a haunted house in Franklin Grove IL
The Haunted mansion is a horror film that took the movie industry by storm and was released in 2003. here is a short review of this horrifying movie of a family that comes face to face with creepy ghosts.
You are here because you love the of horror movies because of the feeling of..the shocking fright...brilliant blood and gory scenes... screams...
Superstition seems to be attached to this film due to the fact that the final scenes did in fact use real human skeletons.
An Overview of Secular and Sacred Observances associated with Halloween
From the days of the original vampire, Nosferatu, to Jack Nicholson in "The Shining", movie goers have been fascinated with the horror genre. Why? The answer is simple: People enjoy being scared. The goosebumps. The hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. The heart racin...
When we have read the horror book and put it aside, whichever time of day, or night, it is; that is when things really start to get interesting.
I am here to entertain you about horror movies that have just recently came out or that has been out for a while. I hope you enjoy the helpful information.
Bram Stoker is a legend of horror writer. His character fiction, Count Dracula, the vampire, being legend and has inspired many authors till his next generation.
Watching a child actor playing an evil part in a movie is quite unnerving. Especially when there's blood, horrific violence and the child actually scares the viewer. In no particular order (because they're all equally evil little buggers) are the Top 5 movies with evil kids that I'v...
The phenomenon of how pregnant women are suddenly terrified of horror movies.
This Halloween, watch one or all of the following classic horror movies that are not like the modern horror movies that are full of gore. Nevertheless, these movies are still horrifying.
Today's article is based on a true story which is not only terrifying but scary also and once read i am sure you will never forget this incident............
A critical film review of The Collector, a film released in 2009.
Sometimes, its very nice to refresh all embarrassing moments that we experienced in real life. We could also regard these moments as the worst thing happened in our life. However, when time passes by, we ought to realize that such happenings imparts a moral lesson we need to uplift.
Mary Shelly’s famous science fiction "Frankenstein" has influenced literature and popular culture for atleast 100 years and inspired plays, stories, novels, TV programme and more than forty movies.
Settle down, are you feeling comfortable? lets take a trip into the world of horror, as we look at the films of "Hammer" the house of Horror
One of the scariest movies I saw was the movie [i]Freddy Vs. Jason[/i] which was inspired by the two horrifying icons around the world who are Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees. Reading this synopsis might make consider watching it for yourself...if you're up for it.
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