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A brief guide for the first time horse buyer with tips on where to buy.
A look at how tension around horses can cause issues and tips on how to solve the problem.
An introduction to developing an instinctive rapport with horses which will assist in all aspects of horsemanship and training.
With a knight on horseback out of Ferrero Rocher, i couldn't resist converting it into a far more dramatic scene
I made a horse out of Ferrero Rocher tinfoil wrapping - recycled art
Having made a horse, I decide to convert it into an even more elaborate creation - a knight on horse back
Essentials for the first time rider: you probably did not know there was such a thing as arena etiquette. While watching horses in an arena, everything seems to move along in a smooth and organized fashion. Here are some of the reasons why and what you need to do:
A quick and easy to read overview of good horses for the beginner
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