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Domestication of animals, in hindsight, is more a curse than a blessing. It is where they do not want to be instead of their natural habitat that is the main cause of their grief and suffering! - Jamie
From time immemorial, humans discovered creative, albeit cruel, ways to harness the power of animals, from pulling a cart or carriage to carrying a load of goods, merchandise, and others, more often beyond their strength and endurance - Jamie SR Cortez
The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
Rodeo's have been a form a entertainment for years however, the Calgary Stampede festival or any other rodeo should continue. The animals are at jeopardy.
This is my travel to Bethlehem and how I got re-connected to God
Two horses were gifted to guru Hargovind, but were detained by the Mughal governor at Lahore. The horses were spirited away by Bidhi Chand and presented back to the great Guru
A brief guide for the first time horse buyer with tips on where to buy.
"And I galloped along the barren hillside, with the rhythmic pounding of hooves beneath me." ~ Extract from my piece of writing, as well as a discussion about my favourite animal, the proud and majestic horse.
Money has always been pretty tight for me and I am fairly practical when it comes to spending so I had to think about my answer when asked "If you had $10,000 to spend, what would you buy?”
A short story written a long time ago about an adventure they embark upon together.
Horse riding is a great sport and I love it. Its asport that can help women remain fit and agile and of course that will add to sex appeal
A look at how tension around horses can cause issues and tips on how to solve the problem.
An introduction to developing an instinctive rapport with horses which will assist in all aspects of horsemanship and training.
Hints and tips on keeping horses on a tight budget - including sharing / part loaning.
We all have a journey to make...some on trains, others in the sky..your destination beckons you... which route will you take...make it a safe on....
Journey with me if you will into the Nothing-ness of totality...there an energy always new and delicious to enjoy, exist in, create from, Be.......some will others not...enjoy...
This story is written from the diary entries I kept while on the journey. The year was 1981 and the season was winter. The goal was to traverse the southern scenic route of the South Island of New Zealand a total of 500 miles. The four horses are the main characters of my story. T...
Images of Cotton Plantations is a poem about Louisiana cotton plantations in the history of Louisiana. Nature poetry.
This is a true story of my journey into horse racing that spanned thirty years in this country from coast to coast. I was around and witnessed some of the all time great race horses that ruled the racing world in America during my time as an exercise girl, Seattle Slew , A...
Coconut oil is a completely natural supplement that can help boost your horse's health.
Watch horses thunder down the track. Wander around a more than 200-year-old battlefield. Shop for souvenirs next to a ballerina. Enjoy all this and more by visiting Saratoga Springs.
the use of animals, like horses and cattle will end, as the viewer can clearly see, they are peaceful herbivores and feel highly stressed, disturbed and frightened by fights, like explosives, guns and any loud noise.
Riding horses is a passion , only for the fit. A thorough bred will give you a lovely ride, but one can compare with women. Can we equate the two
I attended the National horse show jumping event at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta, June 8 and 9 with my wife. We saw lots of beautiful horses and had a great time. I would like to tell you more about the show jumping at Spruce Meadows.
After Mulitple unjust action iflincted at Santa Anita an Hollywood park Ileft and went east. I worked at Monmouth racetrack the summer of 2007 where I met Jose' Lezcano a budding superstar.
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