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Wedded bliss, is having a marriage, more beautiful than your wedding day!-Tranquilpen©2017
I had a brush/encounter/chance meeting with death a few days back.
Have you ever think about how people who works in the hospital thinks when they are attending to a patient?
When a family member of friend becomes ill with an incurable illness it can be difficult to know what to do or how best to care for them. Hospices have been running for many years and provide high quality care, ensuring each patient lives their final days in comfort. Find out more abo...
A father try to teach his daughter by fulfilling a wish. Every time she counts a certain number of stars..
Have you ever noticed what's on the wall in your doctor's waiting room? Does it make you relax, or is it disturbing?
I wrote this poem at a hospital while waiting with a sick friend. It really was a gloomy place to be that day.
This is a review highlighting my personal experience with this VA Healthcare facility. I feel that it is fitting to say "Thank you" and give proper accolades to the administrative staff charged with the operations of that fine clinic / hospital. I am sure that the many Veterans who ...
Its more than just lying in bed. Its a way of life!
Winter is on its way, which mean that colds and flu on their way too. Should you have a flu shot this year? Most people find they are much better the winter they have a flu vaccine, but some people are certain that they always get sicker when they have a flue vaccination. So what shou...
This page is about Government Hospitals in my place
This article is about medical field which is turning as a great business in this modern days
One of the pro's and con's of living in Canada, and more specifically Nova Scotia is our health cares system. Here is the current situation in Nova Scotia.
As I am about to go into hospital and I got to be thinking about the risks involved, I was surprised to find out it wasn't the sort of risks I thought it might be.
Medicine has been one with man from his very first day of existence. It has been simple and making him healthy to live for some more time. But modern medicine has become too complicated and commercialized to kill him.
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