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Wedded bliss, is having a marriage, more beautiful than your wedding day!-Tranquilpen©2017
Were the powerful invisible directed energy weapons used on Indrani Mukherjea causing great pain, causing her to collapse in jail.
Malpractices by Hospitals and some Doctors to mar the noble medical profession
I had a brush/encounter/chance meeting with death a few days back.
Dog is the best friend of a man. This is the popular perception, but it is not so with me.
My daughter was born in a car park in 2011 she has Down Syndrome, Hypermobility Syndrome a Ventricular Septal Defect of the heart and in November last year she was diagnosed with Leukemia.She is the inspiration behind all of my poetry at the moment here is one of the many that chart h...
Its more than just lying in bed. Its a way of life!
An update on how my knee op is progressing, five weeks on and so far, so good.
My Week away from Wikinut, this is my diary of events and one very nearly disastrous visitor, but I still love her.
As I am about to go into hospital and I got to be thinking about the risks involved, I was surprised to find out it wasn't the sort of risks I thought it might be.
A friend of mine sent me an email asking me to pray for her father that had been admitted into the hospital, and was in intensive care. My father has been sick as well. I decided to write this article asking other contributors to pray for both of these great fathers. Wikinut has great...
Students, in India, have experiences of being tortured by the teachers in the schools. Some of the teachers are in the noble profession of teachers although they are sadists. This content describes how corporal punishment is present in the educational centers of India even today.
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