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Conditions that affect sleep, our health, and mental health include such topics as Night Sweats and Hot Flashes, common symptoms for premenopausal women.
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Hot flashes affect many women before and during menopause. Discover some natural remedies that can help with this annoying occurrence and bring relief.
Lovely summer is welcome after the cool months and the rainy days but sometimes heat is not all there is, is it?
Night and day sweats can be caused by other reasons than menopause, some underlining health issues could be the cause. Knowing what causes these sweats can be of importance for a person experiencing them.
An account of what hot flushes/flushes are like and how to deal with them. How to maintain a positive attitude.
Estrodiol is a naturally occuring female sex hormone that is arguably the most important hormone produced by the female body, the reduction of which signals the end of the childbearing phase of ha woman's life.
Menopause is that critical phase in a woman's life when she needs a lot of love and care. This article provides useful information about menopause.
You may be examining your options for treatment to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Choosing hormone replacement therapy or an alternative should be carefully examined and discussed with your health care provider.
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