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Visiting the lovely Islands of Japan anytime soon? Then you will be pleased to know that, the Onsen hot springs is blessed with many healing properties.
Flaming comments .In the recent hot poetry which I have posted may appear ... I have come a full circle....Some comments ... I earned were hotter than my sexy flame ..Would you like to share some ..
Where in this US of A can one go to vacation and not have to go back to work to recover? How about enjoying the 'silence' a small remote town has to offer. Sound good? Read on.
What was learned when I took off on a quest to cleave the spiritual 'me' from the rest in order to observe it's purity. A journey into the reasons for self loathing.
Water coming from our tap is water that has been de-energized, de-structured and is in a chaotic state. Why? Because modern pipes, pumps and chemicals corrupt water and hinder the true purpose of water which is to support all life on the planet. Water is much more than what we think i...
Have you ever been to Hells on earth? If not, let me show you where they are!
A weekend getaway in a surprisingly interesting town of Catmon, Cebu filled with nature's wonders!!!
Hot Springs National Park is a United States National Park located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
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