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Last Friday we travelled to Southport for an author event. Read on to find out more.
It's in the name. everyone wants someone special to be in their arms.
My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
I want to share a thing or two about our country the Philippines, I hope you like it.
Going with my husband to work, he works in the country and we are travelling to one of the little towns outside of Witbank, South Africa.
this page aims at sharing the health benefits of taking hot water.
The poems here reveal about the reaction of everyone who happens to eat food with a chili. It is really how the action goes if eat food with mixed with a chili.
I entertained playing with words to work out few acrostics on hot and summery days.
A balloon can move as fast as the wind blows, but high wind landings always require skill and experience. The passenger capacity depends on the size of the balloon, but usually it varies from 2 in sport balloons and up to 12 people in passenger balloons.
TRI-FETA - Those Coveted Trifetas will never know where they are in the totem pole of the gay community. Most gays will keep them in the dark until its too late. Once Time has taken its toll, the Coveted will still have the other two requisites. That is if they invested right and stop...
Earn money with your mobile phone when you sleeping
The climate of Louisiana is a humid subtropical climate. In Louisiana there is also a lot of rain. It rarely snows here and when it does it is only a small amount and it is usually washed away by the rain.
An article on chai tea and its growing popularity. Find out how people use chai during the winters to ward off cold.
In Colorado Springs the homeless men and women living on the streets are slowly learning that police officers are not their enemy. The Homeless Outreach Team was created within the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2008 as a response to growing problems presented by the homeless m...
Victoria secret show is for Taylor and Angel, also Samsung mobile S4 is again in the market, review hot news
Flaming comments .In the recent hot poetry which I have posted may appear ... I have come a full circle....Some comments ... I earned were hotter than my sexy flame ..Would you like to share some ..
With temperatures soaring over much of the United States and Europe this summer, heat-related illnesses are a big concern. I should know; I survived heat exhaustion back when I was a kid. Please learn from my story and don't let it happen to you.
After having balance issues with his car all week, Lewis triumphed in the qualifying on Saturday by cruising easily into pole position. Read on to find out what happened in the race today.
Istanbul in Turkey is the nature and the beauty, organic food, beautiful sea and super friendly people too, simple yet marvelous travel.
Misperceptions, the opinions of others and propaganda can cause us to miss opportunities that help formulate a more accurate view of life
A ride on the trail, with the dust and heat, enduring the saddle.
Winter is not a season for idleness. It is a season to go out and have some adventures. It is the great occasion to enjoy the rare beauty of the white nature. Wherever we are, we have something to enjoy around us. Here are some adventures we enjoyed during our winter trip.
Listed on this page is some simple advice for those who wish to grow your own spicy Chili peppers
What she lacked in looks, she supplied with her taste. Bold like a mushroom growing on a garden track, she called for attention at places where none of her kind could venture.
It is an amusing article describing the attitude of wives in a funny way.
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