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We are focusing on the Best Hotels In Denver including Four seasons Hotel, The Boutique Hotel Monaco, St. Julian Hotel and Spa, Brown palace hotel etc.
A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.
Another incident at the hotel. Some people think they have the right to be rude.
A lot goes on behind the scenes of a hotel. What if the guests are all criminals?
If you've never worked in a hotel or restaurant or similar business you're probably not aware of how much people skills you must have to get through the day. In addition to cooking, cleaning and general customer service you may have to act as a psychologist or social worker. Read thes...
Flaming comments .In the recent hot poetry which I have posted may appear ... I have come a full circle....Some comments ... I earned were hotter than my sexy flame ..Would you like to share some ..
How adventurous are you? Would you stay in a hotel in space?
Here i have shared some tips for booking any hotel.
Never in a million years would this have occurred to me. I've traveled a considerable amount and readily stayed in many hotels, and then, this article was brought to my attention. I won't ever take any stay in a hotel lightly, again!
Making hotel reservation has becoming so much convenient through the internet nowadays. Besides checking on prices and other information, we are able to see the pictures and room arrangements of the hotels.
Morning thoughts written from the tenth floor of the Bay Plaza Hotel in Wellington, New Zealand, on 19 January 2012.
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