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The hour cometh as for all ‘twill...We all someday must return to the wilderness of life and don't we all know it
On the last Monday January 12, 2015. Scientists are incorporated in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) announced "Doomsday Clock" is in the 23:57 position or three minutes to midnight. This position is shifted over a minute faster than in 2012.
Minimalist yet intriguing. It’s not a thrilling movie that puts you on the edge of your seat.
When you work for a Boss From Hell you have to take certain precautions
If one experiences that the use of time or not many things come to oneself, then it is the lack of awareness of how to spend time more efficiently.
This is a poem depicting time as an element or factor of death, symbolically - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The hour comes..Time and tide wait for no man ...nor does man await the tide
a short poem about flying in a hot air balloon, starting off at night and landing in the day. And the dream of growing wings for travel.
We see several things in our everyday life but miss some significant details.
Let's talk about how Facebook has affected our lives. Well, mine for the most part.
How often do we think about time? We use time as a clock for events and daily pursuits. But, what is time? There is far more to time than we realize.
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