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Every family functions differently, which makes it hard to find a unique solution which will apply to all problems. Instead, as the family grows, you will need to invest in making sure that peace and order are kept, and that everybody has a place of their own.
Flaming in the net occurs when someone attacked the person, insulted him personally, or criticized the person who authored the article. However, if someone has criticized the ideas and only the ideas injected by the author in his article, it’s not flaming and it is normal.
Property taxes and insurance premiums on your house can rise with virtually no notice, but when people are figuring out how much they can afford for a mortgage, they rarely think about those expenses. And babies — well, they always cost a lot more than you think they will.
If you have children and have complained about them to others, you need see where the fault lies. Is it really the kids or is your personality lacking what it takes? Do you have left over baggage from how YOU were raised?
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