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Writing a critical article on such as an issue may not be politically correct, but it's the way I feel, having been invaded by thousands of so called refugees.
Last week was a court hearing for Adele Sarno, an 85-year old Italian-American grandmother, who is in danger of losing her New York apartment.
A house is slightly harder to maintain, and if you are planning on having a home with greater aesthetic value, you need to face the fact that it will require some time and energy to achieve this goal. The following article will contain a glimpse of what is to come once you start livi...
As the UK faces a housing crisis, The Culture Show travels across Europe to find the latest architectural movements which could provide a solution.
Low Credit Score does not mean you cannot rent, buy a car, or even a television. You still need to survive and these are some ways you can still function with no available credit. Always be careful in your purchases and make sure you have a budget and a plan.
Learn more about keeping Iguanas as pets. Learn if an iguana would be a good pet for you. How to feed and care for pet Iguanas.
Its quite a bright idea to lodge oneself in a house when the owner is away by breaking open the lock, provided you do not get caught.You could stay there till your mission is complete, at least it saves you from hotel charges.
Rabbits are often over looked by children who are more attracted to the smaller more cuddly looking animals like hamsters, but hamsters are nocturnal (they will keep you awake at night), and are more likely to bite than a Rabbit is. This is an article on how to care for a pet Rabbit.
An estate was built to house the people in London who lived in slums and overcrowding.
Animals are kept in a cool, shadowy & properly ventilated place & not allowed to move during sunny hours to protect them against hot winds & brighter sun. Roof of shelter is covered with thatch. Fountains or sprinklers are used to make environment cool. Buffalo needs bath twice a day....
We all know that housing multiple reptiles and amphibians inside the same enclosure can be successfully done; bearded dragons should actually be housed individually. Bearded dragons are naturally territorial animals; the largest males will establish the largest territories in the wild...
Need help getting started on finding that new apartment? Let's begin the journey to your next home.
Call Ducks are small ornamental ducks often once used by hunters to lure ducks for shooting. Learn more about their care and requirements when kept as pets.
These are my first hand experiences of walking in the lanes of a slum. I am describing here a day that I spent walking through the lanes of a slum in Mumbai.
There were a living before us and we took a lot from them. We did not leave a piece for them. So we have to take the risk.
While real estate investing is a great line of business to get into in order to make copious piles of money there are a few things to consider before jumping into the fray. This is particularly true if you are considering going the route of a rental property owner. There are all kinds...
With this poem, I tried to imagine what a "Decrypted" house would look like. The idea grew from there. Although this poem honestly was a little complicated to make. I'll leave it to the reader. Comments are open.
There are several species, and subspecies, of Partridges, from the Chukar, to the Rock, the Red, Gray, and many others. Partridges are native to Asia and have been introduced to other parts of the world as game but more and more people, or hobbiests, are keeping them as pets, or as o...
Will you even look at selling your property at this time of year? Well, you will probably be shocked to hear, that there are individuals who want to sell their homes before or during the holiday period.
Property taxes and insurance premiums on your house can rise with virtually no notice, but when people are figuring out how much they can afford for a mortgage, they rarely think about those expenses. And babies — well, they always cost a lot more than you think they will.
When most people think of Exotic Pets the Wallaby isn't one that immediately comes to mind. However as there is a breeder near where I live (in Alberta, Canada) a few people in the area have them as pets. I must admit to having considered building a proper area for them myself.
Green real estate is booming. But there is serious obstacle - appraisals. Unexperienced appraisers can not evaluate green buildings properly
Pet insects work well when people have allergies to furry animals. Walking Stick Insects are one such Insect pet and are often inexpensive and easy to care for. Learn more about Pet Walking Stick Insects
They say that the housing market is down, that this is a buyers market. But if a potential buyer is on a budget, there really aren't that many opportunities.
Anoles are small lizards that are often kept as pets. Learn more about Green Anoles as pets.
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