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This is my only framed work to date. It was purchased as canvas/floating frame together. I love the finished work.
I did this in the spring in honour the blooms and blossoms. i love purple flowers and I love flowers that are not traditional.
I love the moon at night. When I was little and my father worked away, he always told me that it was his job to turn the moon on.
A painting that I did that reminded me of the church I knew growing up. It was famous for it's weeping willow on the front lawn.
Here is an abstract triptych that I love. The colours, title and fun in it make me smile.
I love blues and the sky and the idea of fantasy. These things mixed together inspired me to paint this blue scene of wonder.
This is the only painting I have that is off the beaten track as far as my goal of painting happy things! It is a bit dark and angry.
This is an oil painting inspired by my neice Lily and nephew Jax. It is meant to be a loving hug between two young siblings, looking at the stars dreaming together.
Three of my paintings that were on display at a winerly in West Kelowna called Little Straw. It was exciting to see them up and I loved hearing and seeing people's reactions to them. Friends support too!
This painting was done for a Winery. Hence, the title. I love painting and the joy that my paintings bring. The quote that states, 'Dance as if no one is watching..' is hard to apply to life. I feel that I can apply this to my art.
Painting is a not a new passion for me. I recently decided to put myself out there as a professional artist. I do commissions through word of mouth and small shows when I can. 'Sunset' was painted at 2am.
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