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Today is the day Max will be reunited with Danielle. He thought he'd lost her and she found him. They had a love that had a beginning but no ending.
I was inside the train on my way home thinking in his sad eyes. How can he affect me like this? I just met him - I thought to myself. I arrived home and tried to let go of my thoughts...
I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
There are lots of kinds of different pranks but there was a new spreading prank and videos of it are all around the internet world.
A simple guide to how to flirt within a marriage to enhance a couple's relationship.
In most relationships improper expression of love, lack of time to express yourself to your partner are the major causes to break the bond. How can impress your partner when they near or far from you. A single word can change your life.
I love God and he is the one that helps me. Makes me a better person. Without him I would be nothing.
The second Sunday in May is observed as Mothers Day. Whether our mother is here in physical form or just a beautiful memory, let us honor her with love.
There are those who get over losses quickly, there are those some take time. And there are those who never recover from the blow. Read on...
A simple Poem from a Husband and father, reflection on the Love he has for his wife, right from the start until the moment of this recite. He also re-assured of his commitments and never ending Love to his one and only woman. A nice piece, dedicated to all wives.
adolescense is a age when few changes in the personality starts coming up which parents usually do'nt understand , this boy aged 14 is writing a letter to his father about all those changes.
Everyone thrives and blossoms when they are loved. Read on to find out more.
My husband is in Merchant Navy. He sails for four to six months and stays home for six months. When he left for sailing for the first time, I missed him badly. Today, after four years of our marriage, I bumped into this letter I wrote to him when he was about to come home after four m...
This world has to come together as one. We have to let the victims of 9/11 know, that we are all here to support them, and to give them a shoulder to lean on in their times of need. Let them know.
I think we should all hug more, and maybe wars would stop. Well it's a nice thought to hang onto.
A hug or the act of hugging is a magical thing to do and experienced.
Sometimes, we just need to be held...To hug someone can be so beneficial, so healing, and supportive... Just the touch of another person's arms around you, can make the world seem all right again..after the darkness of a Storm...The power of being held, should never be dismissed light...
Lillian's mother realizes she's hiding things about her life in the city and waits to question her.
A prose that is written to soothe the savage heart of an enraged musical being,
This is a letter i wrote to my best friend. I knew if there was one way I could express how much i loved her, it would be through words.
"Every day i feel your sweetness" remembering a love that was real, made you complete, gave you all the happiness but left you, and you think about it. Love is a gift given to few, when you feel it, you live, but what happens when you say goodbye?
Thanks for reading my poems. You have to live life and be happy
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