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An inside look at the importance of the human brain which includes it’s many connections and what exactly your brain does. It also talks about the five senses it controls.
The more you improve your language skills, the more your efficiency shines in every field. Language skill and tool making are developed in the same area of the brain. Will this research enlighten the evolution theory of humanity?
ESP is popularly referred to as the sixth sense. These are uncanny powers that have as yet not been explained though much research has been done on it.
A better understanding of how we function as human beings will unravel many mysteries of human life for us and open the door to total freedom for all.
Humans may be smarter than chimps, in the long run however their brains fail them. Scientists explain why.
Using the learner’s feelings as well as his or her emotions, he or she can be able to experience the pain or the joy, as well as the feelings of being happy, being sad or being angry to a particular subject or situation. With his or her feelings, he can be able to identify and exper...
Knowing our human make-up and how we function as living entities will perhaps help us to approach life differently and more successfully.
We all have secrets that cannot be hidden. We only fool ourselves. In fact, we have built-in recorders over which we have no control.
Knowledge of the mystery of the human make-up enables us to launch ourselves into life with the ability to utilize the full potential inherent in all of us.
As human beings we pay very little attention to the reality of our spiritual make-up. We need to gain knowledge about this in order to gain a proper perspective of the reason for our existence. Everything in life will then make sense.
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