Pages tagged with Human Rights Abuses

The shocking story of how corporates like google, tata control the indian intelligence agencies and are wasting indian tax payer money for their corporate goals, like destroying competition, ensure that their puppets are recruited with fake resumes to important intelligence agency jo...
How some cruel criminal officials in Panaji, Goa are given control of directed energy weapons, which they misuse to torture harmless civilians, causing great pain, for personal gain and hatred.
A look at how India in 2015 has become worse than Nazi germany, with harmless brilliant non brahmin domain investors and Paypal account holders subjected to non consensual human experiment causing great pain, insomnia
Powerful jealous cruel and greedy officials in India defame, torture harmless domain investors
The shocking story of the cruelty, dishonesty of powerful fraud officials in India who are wasting indian tax payer money to conduct cruel medical human experiments on harmless indian citizens causing great pain, without the permission of the victim
A look at the double standards of powerful officials who are involved in cheating, resume theft and corporate espionage, who refuse to acknowledge their mistake, and complain when their victim will protest against their fraud
How greedy fraud powerful officials make it difficult to do business in India unless they get a stake
Daily nazi type atrocities in India on harmless civilians out of hatred, greed and casteism
How daily human rights abuses force some innocent harmless users to keep mobiles switched off in India.
Cruel officials misuse directed energy weapons for personal gain, hatred in India without being questioned
The shocking story of how tax payer money is wasted daily in India to keep people idle
How top companies use human rights abuses for talent acquisition, to destroy competition
How Invisible Directed energy or radiation weapons used for human rights abuses in india
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