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We lose track of reality in of pursuit ideologies. It is still unclear what drives our mental state to choose stress over relaxation. Through our blatant pursuit to live in a virtual world we have failed to connect with our inner desires.
There's been a lot of disagreements and fighting around the world. Opinions of one is a cause of anger and rage for another. No one sees the world the same way. Progress happens when the fighting stops. Here's the topic of my morning chronicle. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and j...
Want to make more of your life? Here is my personal view for a brighter future.
Once when you were young, you won your town the race. They cheered you throughout the market square; Men and boys stood around, cheering and home they brought you on shoulders high...
The uniqueness, each one of us possesses, indicates, as far as individual growth is concerned, that one has to go his/her own unique way independent of all others. Since, such individual paths shall also be unique, there is no possibility of mutual conflicts in pursuance of individual...
One victim of Human Trafficking was asked after rescuing about their stranded life. He said that they were facing a lot of problems including the hike of food. They sometimes need to have others' urine to remain alive. In this modern world, is it acceptable? I have some questions towa...
Hi I am the writer and publisher of this prose and have tried to emphasize a moral about mans inhumanity to man in this post. Thank you for talking time to read read it. And thanks for the moderation.
radical humanism , we need a radical humanism radical humanism ?, do we need a radical humanism?
Poetry, a passion. Poetry, bound by words. Poetry, lost by the moment. Poetry, a puzzle, to be found.
A poem about perception, For you to form a conception.
This is my perspective on how women are treated in India and yet there is no effective initiative from the government
My mind become complicated of what is happening. Even though I know it will happen, sometimes, I feel hurt but most of the time, I am trying to understand the situation. The biggest challenge here is how I gave in my happiness for her. i know she loves him but I love him most that I a...
The reality, most likely, is that they would perform a scan of our entire planet within a matter of seconds, with their highly sophisticated technology
Wonderful discourse of a philosophy ..Each one has a reason to think the way one does.So let's not superimpose. But listen only
For those of you that have watched the film The Matrix, you’ll have seen the idea that the energy from humans can be used as a power source. This article shows you how a similar idea is about to take off for use in the Armed Forces.
Discovery of self is must as we have a shell of E G O about us .....we ought to know what the condom like membrane really means about our selves...
We all are simple bubbles in this vast expanse called time .This poem touches upon mans existence
These are my views So you are entitled to agree or vehemently dis -agree You are entitled to shoot me down and I shall fall willingly Then measure me and for yourself see how wrong you were.
It is a collection of my poems of all kinds.It includes poems on love,human nature,beauty and relations.
Should grade school children be taught atheism? Some schools in the United Kingdom are planning on teaching children the belief of atheism along with the teaching of the six major religions.
Some personal thoughts about humanity and human being. A try to be a better human.
We live in an age permeated by humanism. It has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives. Humanism has brought radical, destructive changes to our institutions, especially the church.
Are government schools more concerned with educational achievement or are they more focused on engineering a generation to become servants of the state. Academic achievement or social engineering?
A short story about a coy setting out for a documentary on street life and about his fascinating explorations of him as a person.S
This is about a quest of a 'Son of Street' who is seeking for the laugh resembling to that of Santa Claus that woke him up on a Christmas Eve.
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