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GOD created a man and for him a woman ...God was and is still the ONLY intelligent OMNIPOTENT OMNISCIENT OMNIPRESENT even in the darkness of nights
"How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you're doing it?" -A quote from Hank Ketchum's comic strip character "Dennis The Menace"
What global warming aka Climate Change, has done and continues to to to all of the planets life forms.
Public Figures often come out of their extremely packed schedules to help out the less fortunate. In this article, we are going to read about Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva who is one of those generous public figures to have helped the needy at various occasions.
The planet is face with a clear and present danger that no leader is seriously addressing. The fate of mankind is at stake.
The history of the world is always the constant struggle between good and evil
There's been a lot of disagreements and fighting around the world. Opinions of one is a cause of anger and rage for another. No one sees the world the same way. Progress happens when the fighting stops. Here's the topic of my morning chronicle. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and j...
Remembering the good old days of college and how those days relate to today.
Comparing the Character James Bond with the elements that make up the coldness of the ISIS should be changed into a more unilateral way of saving the world by someone who has heart and love of country. While it is stated that Mr. Bond has love of country but shows no remorse for pulli...
Desalination is a process of removing salt and mineral from water so it can be used by humans.
Without the presence of the noble qualities embodied in a woman, I posit that the cultures and economies of this world would not last long, and the political systems might well end up in a state akin to the law of the jungle.
Once when you were young, you won your town the race. They cheered you throughout the market square; Men and boys stood around, cheering and home they brought you on shoulders high...
The future of all of mankind lies in the hands of one Joshua Jones and the last remaining humans.
Today, we are discussing justifications and specifically if whether the end can justify the means or if the means can justify the end.
Today we speak of humans as a collective. To be specific, we are going to discuss human nature.
Our perceived differences hold sway to prevent us from standing by the vast majority across all borders irrespective of their beliefs. Our leaders have to rise above frivolous and selfish political bias, hidden agendas, to address problems threatening to get out of hand.
In the course of evolution, we humans have sometimes lost our way. We need to take a deeper and closer look at our thinking, attitude, behavior and lifestyle.
Our brothers and sisters in Paris.. You are not alone. We will and are always there for you. This is for you!! And I hope my poem comes true and if that happens let us hope for that hand in hand walk....let's certainly hope so
Will humanity survive a large solar flare, a meteor or our self imposed global warming?
Indeed, and how did this particular earthen planet become One with the HUman races? Did the HUman races always exist here or were each one brought from other already seeded and established worlds? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Listen to the inner voice for passion, guidance and encouragement. We have to move on with a spirit of inquiry to better our lot and by playing our role as co-creators. Our quest for an inclusive ride will soothe the nerves of those who feel left out and even encourage them to join th...
Is humanity placing mankind closer to that day of Judgment?
When Autumn leaves start falling signals a coming winter will humanity change direction to have a replenishing spring?
It is ones imagination that all of us have that can make the world a better place or send humanity back into darkness.
Though the world is getting more crowded going by population numbers, many are leading lonely lives not of their choice. They are left on the wayside as lifestyle is gathering speed in terms of technology resulting in lack of time for the basics that bonded our society.
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