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God and Moses give a new take on the matter of customer service.
Basically, Onan refuses to follow the law of the Old Covenant by refusing to birth a child with his dead brother's wife and the Good Lord decides to kill him.
Mr. Gerald Ratner, CEO of Ratner's Group (Now Signet Group) kills his company’s evaluation with a poorly told joke.
2004 Democrat Presidential Candidate Howard Dean gets a bit too excited during a campaign rally in Iowa
A confession I wrote for my girlfriend. Sorry babe, I love you, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I am about to say.
A time I believe I made a sacrifice for the greater good.
An opinion of an erotic fanfic that I stumbled upon that made me think about the future of the erotica genre
A humorous poem, written in Iambic pentameter form.
How one man’s refusal to trade with the Mongols inadvertently led to the end of the Islamic Golden Age.
A look at the peculiar and oddly specific laws that God had for men.
An appreciation of how easy we have things in modern day life.
The welcoming communities of Sodom and Gomorrah try to "acquaint" themselves with the Angels of God and Lot offers an interesting compromise.
Moses murders a man in cold blood, hides his body, and flees from justice.
A eulogy I wrote in honor of my cat, "Mr" Jack Diamond
It's one of my earlier satirical works looking into the reason why "40 to 70 percent of women are killed by their partners". I have half a book of these exploring human reasoning on a wide range of subjects written in the similar satirical vein, however more acrimonious.
Has math done a number on you? Well, read on - you have company.
An unexpected trip to a kids store that left me wondering about toys of today, and the ability of kids of all times to have fun on their own.
This is a funny story about a telephonic conversation between a man and a woman.
A guide on the type of customers you will encounter in the retail industry.
A guide for people on what to expect when working retail.
Fed up of having to watch your Ps and Qs? Read on...
Ever had this? Long moments of perplexity, followed by, perhaps, longer moments of embarrassment.
Have you ever wondered about the charm and origins of pate de foie gras? Well, wonder no more - read on.
When in India, anything can be repaired, but you must learn the proper rituals to follow when you go to a service shop,
owning cats i thought i would give a cats eye view so to speak
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