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I based this article on some liner notes I read to Bob Dylan's albums "Blonde on Blonde" and "Highway 61 Revisited", and a few other of his early music albums I listen to regularly. Hope this is at least interesting:
Wedded bliss, is having a marriage, more beautiful than your wedding day!-Tranquilpen©2017
this was written for a family legends competition, my family was pretty ordinary so i created this character.
A warning about the plans that your hair and pretzels have for you.
My thoughts on getting rid of cable tv and just using the internet for your good stuff
A poem about the baseball player known as AROD. From greatness to bad stuff.
The pancake is our friend from the beginning until the end
My love for stuffing has been going on for years now. You must love the stuffing.
If you make meatloaf your life meatloaf will give you a good life. Live for meatloaf.
A guy heads out for an evening he may wish he forgot to forget.
What if all the ice cream flavors had a boxing tournament? Are you telling me I am the only one who wondered about this?
Ah Leap Year, that time when all single men fear for their lives and run for cover as girls get that certain look in their eye as marriage bells chime. A light-hearted poem to tie-in with my recent article on February 29th.. A Ladies Privilege To Propose...
We may never see him, but that winged cherub with the angelic smile and bow and arrow is out there, just waiting for the moment to strike..Maybe it just might be you he is lining up next..You can run..but you can't hide... Wishing you all a happy and romantic Valentine's Day tomorrow!
A different look at The Lion and the Mouse by the great Aesop.
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