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Wedded bliss, is having a marriage, more beautiful than your wedding day!-Tranquilpen©2017
Sometimes reading some posts that contains serious things it will make us become tense. Therefore in this my article I try to present an article with "A Play on Words" and its just for a "FUNNY" thing only.
A warning about the plans that your hair and pretzels have for you.
My thoughts on getting rid of cable tv and just using the internet for your good stuff
A poem about the baseball player known as AROD. From greatness to bad stuff.
The pancake is our friend from the beginning until the end
My love for stuffing has been going on for years now. You must love the stuffing.
If you make meatloaf your life meatloaf will give you a good life. Live for meatloaf.
What if all the ice cream flavors had a boxing tournament? Are you telling me I am the only one who wondered about this?
A funny encounter one night between two men.This one's so Gay.
The Most Crazy and funny letter you would ever come across. Try reading it.
Look pretty well dominates seven languages and eleven alphanumeric codes. Also you can use a computer, knows the word, access, excel or power point or the system you tell him.
Here it is a crazy and very funny essay on a cow. I suppose anyone who reads this will burst into laughter. I hope you appreciate this
Here is a letter I wrote to someone.. reading which would drive you crazy laughing
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