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Wedded bliss, is having a marriage, more beautiful than your wedding day!-Tranquilpen©2017
It's one of my earlier satirical works looking into the reason why "40 to 70 percent of women are killed by their partners". I have half a book of these exploring human reasoning on a wide range of subjects written in the similar satirical vein, however more acrimonious.
Has math done a number on you? Well, read on - you have company.
For the uninitiated, the language of Textese can be enthralling, engrossing, fascinating, and absolutely frustrating!
Never a dull moment on Indian roads - here's a snapshot look-see at this fascinating world.
A few puns for fun, and some relish for foodies to cherish.
Let's go fishing into potato salad, because you never know what you may catch! This is a poem I wrote for all the kids who have a huge imagination at lunch time!
Sometimes reading some posts that contains serious things it will make us become tense. Therefore in this my article I try to present an article with "A Play on Words" and its just for a "FUNNY" thing only.
A bit of good old Irish banter, inspired by, and dedicated to wikinut author and friend Fern McCostigan...please come on in and join us for an Irish knees up.
This is a synopsis of my poetry book for children. It includes some of the first poetry I wrote. I decided to put these poems in a collection and self publish them.
Couldn't stop laughing even at myself :-p Its interesting ... read out and find out
Old Man Joe is a poem about life, love and loss with a touch of humor.
A humorous fictional tale of fallen TV Star, Jimmy McSavey, who now makes a living from touring and appearing in public houses. Once at the height of fame, he tells the sob story of his demise from stardum to a somewhat reluctant public house on to find out more.
The old man is presumed dead, and the related events are narrated in this poem!
This is the latest venture of my Pugcheekawawa, the little mutt who is part pug and part chiwawa. He has enough appeal and swagger to charm the Royal on to see what he's been up to...
It is often difficult to look back at events in our lives without harboring a few regrets. I wrote the poem 'The Egret Tree' after coming across a tree I saw while boating with my husband that was literally covered with egrets. When the wind blew they all flew away. This gave me t...
Goliath Grouper are one of the largest grouper on the planet! One of the largest specimens could suck a man in whole for dinner! In America, until not too long ago their name was "Jew Fish". That is what I was raised to call then and the name tends to stick with people my age and olde...
The world over, fishing tends to be a male dominated pursuit. Often, when men see women fishing, they don't take them seriously. This is not always the case! Ladies, this one is for you! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Wahoo are a top prize game fish the world over. They are named because when 1st hooked they make very fast, long, drag sizzling runs. Often the angler will shout out: "Wahoo!!!" The bigger they get, the more badass they become! Enjoy!
Sport fishing in blue water can be an incredible experience! You just never know what could happen or end up on your line. Its important to have the appropriate crew to be ready for whatever may happen. But what if you go out by yourself? This is just one example. Enjoy! Only the best...
Snook are a highly sought after prized game fish wherever they exist. They are smart, love structure and are great eating. Because they love structure and are experts at using it to cut your line, in many cases you have to just plain muscle them out. In the process, you can put quite ...
We go through a lot in life. Why? There has to be some reward for all we go through. Sometimes we just have to steal the time to make it all worth while. Life is short! Only the best, Dan
Sailfish tournaments can put a lot on the line. Big cash and prizes. Big investments, hard work, knowledge and luck! The whole thing can be a hell of a ride. Hold on, enjoy this one. Its a great taste of all the flavors involved. Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Some times our passions tug at our hearts. Sometimes, even in our sleep. Sometimes it hard to tell which is which. Only the best, Dan
Please enjoy this journey into a day in the life of two flats fisherman, Tails are one of the highest priority targets of any tropical saltwater flats fishermen. It is the beginning of many challenges and adventures.
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