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This article is about humour therapy and teaching you about humour in terms of humour therapy.
In his humorous essay “On Running after one`s Hat”,G.K.Chesterton, a prolific writer and the great English essayist of 20th century, deals with backwards nature of inconveniences and convey the readers a message of optimism towards life's trivial inconveniences. His message reiter...
Well this poem tells about how I feel about my poems and from where do I get inspiration to write such poems and what I describe in my poems.. :)
Grandeur, garbage gone away today..Join my hobby club I do say
A poet is teased into running away but then loverme does with words play
Takes another look at the lighter side of life. Blends humour with a little wit to ease everyday tension. It is intended to appeal to the intellectual as well as to those who want to have a whole lot of fun.
Designed mainly for the intellectuals, but also to appeal to people in a way that makes them think about their way of life. This page attempts to help people to learn daily and not just to accept their thought patterns and behaviour patterns
Stories about the humour in everyday life with a toddler nicknamed Boo.
Yet more jokes and wit to brighten up your day and chase away any negativity or blues you may have. Just the thing you need if you're having a rough day or a miserable relatuonship or you've hit a rough patch in your life or relationship
A list of sayings to make one think and to provide the light side of life to the readers. It explores lots of cliches and looks at it in different ways
Racing punters like to think that they stand a decent chance of backing a winner. Here's a true tale of one race, somewhere in The North, sometime in the 1970s, the result of which almost caused a riot.
This is a 20 year old male looking back on his 20 years of being a boy. We all have a story, here is a bit of mine.
We have all had the awkward 'Birds and Bees' conversation, wether at school with the nurse, home with your parents or at the police station after an innocent. This is a short about the first ever Sex Ed.
This is one of the first story/poems I ever wrote for performance. It is based on a place across from my University called the Racecourse named that because it used to be a racecourse. However I was warned from the minute I got to University not to cross it at night as it became the R...
A comedy poem exploring a hangover. Waking up after a great night at a house party, However you only went to the party because a friend's friend fancied a girl who might be there and although you don't care, you where promised a free beer. Enjoy.
Everyone's first time is difficult. For some it goes much better than others. I was one of the lucky ones...
Many people confuse madness for "badness'. What we really have in society is not delinquent criminals but mad men walking the streets.
Are these humour for you? Let's see what will happen when you read these jokes.
A homeless man who always wanted to become a teacher gets his wishes when he used a brand new van as a white board. What does the owner do?
This occured about in 2000. I like to refer to them as my young and foolish days :-) It's a story about my ex husband who blessedly is no longer my problem, nor his third wife's problem who divorced him last year. Real names other than mine, have been changed for this story.
Climate change is a growing threat to our environment. But the politicians seem to be powerless to deal with the real cause.
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