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As hunters confess blunders less eagerly than they recount kills, it’s hard to know how many elk would fall if hunters made no mistakes. Perhaps the elk keep track.
Its not that I'm not thankful, for surely I am thankful for all of Gods gifts to me, its just that I would be so much more thankful today if only I could know that all the little children were safe and warm with tummies full on this Thanksgiving Day.
I tell what it's like to go with little food to pay a bill or have gas in the car to look for a new job.
There is a growing problem in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Hungry, and it is directly affecting our children. Shall we turn a blind eye?
Saliva is a poem of human anticipation over the ages as one goos from wood to ashes.
No doubt, children suffer most from the cost of poverty. Children, more than ever before are homeless, and are often turned away by public schools because they lack permanent addresses, proof of age and immunisation records. They can hardly find the next scrap of food to eat.
People of different countries have such notion that there is no food problem in America. This kind of notion is not correct. Hunger is very much present in the most developed country of the world.
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