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As hunters confess blunders less eagerly than they recount kills, it’s hard to know how many elk would fall if hunters made no mistakes. Perhaps the elk keep track.
We have scars on us which is the fingernails of the past. It might not be that of love. Perhaps a painful past but if you are lucky enough to be without scars of the painful past then do not judge another person's scars because you do not how they were made.
A British man proved when all things can be done with the Internet. One of this treasure hunt, for some prehistoric objects is a special treasure that continues to be hunted existence.
A dark twist to a classic tale. Everything may not be as it seems, but fear breeds in the unknown...
Hunting is a sport that excites many. It has some shortcomings though like the time your dog disappears and you spend time hunting the dog instead of the prey. Using GPS technology, pet tracking devices help the hunter keep the dog within seeing distance. Different breeds have differe...
The quails as per the advice of Kabu flapped their wings together and flew up high in the sky out of hunter’s reach. The surprised hunter watched helplessly. The quails flew away to a far-off place. There they cut the net with their beaks and escaped.
An image, a picture, anything of beauty is a joy for ever. This poem is on beauty !
men are hunters and us women need to understand that
The tortoise cut the net and saved the deer. The deer and the woodpecker escaped. But the tortoise which count not go fast remained there. The hunter saw the tortoise.
The hunter felt that the deer is dead. He removed the net. He went to bring few Wooden pieces to bake the flesh of the deer.
Daily the deer used to come near the tree to eat the fruits. It was eating the fruits lying on the ground. After that the deer was sitting under the shade of the tree.
Korowai tribals living in Papua of Indonesia is making tree houses above 8 to 12 metres above the ground on trees.
This short story is about a creature known as the snow thing as people hunt the snow thing .One night it comes into a peaceful town as every one slept.
A quick look into my feelings as to why I, and possibly other gamers, have become disenchanted with the MMORPG genre and the nature of this complex beast.
It is very easy to have a bad attitude and a negative outlook on life. In fact, I would argue that it comes natural to many of us. It is easier to find the imperfections in everything, rather than look for the silver lining in anything. So let me share how God can help you overcome th...
Minnesota is a great place to travel. From their many lakes to shopping to sports. Minnesota has lots to offer. I hope that you have a chance to experience the great state of Minnesota.
A true poem .about a Beagle hunting dog that didn't get the freedom to which he was entitled. Experienced hunters no less said not to make a pet out of him or he will never be a good hunting dog. Even though I raised him this way, I learned that this is far from true on future animals...
About a Beagle hunting dog who hunted every type of Rabbit including a VW car
India has large herds of elephants that roam the jungles. Sometime an elephant does turn a rogue an dhe needs to be tamed. Killing is not an option now a days.
Ladies, I wonder just how many of you can relate to this?...A man and his shed. Happy is the soul who can hide away from his missus...and tinker away in his shed for hours on end. Funny.... I wonder why does Cave and Man spring to mind...?lol...
The elephant might be the true king of the beasts in Africa, but the lion is the warlord. His rumbling roar is the voice of the wilderness. In East Africa they say that the roar of the lion proclaims; "Hi ni intshi ya nani? Yangu! Yangu! Yangu! (Whose country is this? Mine! Mine! Mine...
“ The most fearsome enemy, is the one willing to be destroyed for revenge.” Niccolo Machiavelli.
~singing in the loft~balcony~feathers dripping dew~& doo on you~wings fluttering~talons grasping~a circling retreat~dive of vengeance~masters of survival~reptilian spore~lizard wings wizard~tongue in beak cawing~dripping aeon~a limbing gasp~egg fertilization~
This is an excerpt from longer story, written in first person. To give you the reader more information in a short space. If you are interested in Nika, and her adventures, please write a comment.
My daughter asked for a bedtime story about animals we keep at home. This was I told my children.
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