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Wind... the invisible enemy. Well actually it's not an enemy. It's just what it is: Molecules that get pushed along. How strong can it be and can it be damaging? The answer is yes.
The British had a number of famous 20th century aircraft designs. They were primarily military designs, although some notable passenger planes were also among them. These are a few of the great British planes of the century.
Hurricane Helena hit the Gulf shores in the 1980's. I was there and here is the account.
August, in Newfoundland is known for it's horrendous storms. This is the story of one such gale and of the terrible lost of life left in its wake.
This island was destroyed by a hurricane in 1856. This island was a popular pleasure resort that was located southwest of New Orleans on the south shore of the state of Louisiana.
The climate of Louisiana is a humid subtropical climate. In Louisiana there is also a lot of rain. It rarely snows here and when it does it is only a small amount and it is usually washed away by the rain.
The bayou is a wide area that still remains a mystery to most of America.
Hurricanes are the largest and most dangerous weather systems on the planet. Some areas haven't had an extreme one in many, many years. Key West is just one of them. In most of these areas the climate is mostly wonderful and so people have settled in and heavily populated.This highly ...
this poem is about hurricane that is blowing and branches falling down , people running and how it affects the human lifestyle and style and how it destroys things.
Captain Jeremiah Murdock pays homage to the elusive Captain Sophram Somajar Suflus Galiac, little of whom is known save his one solitary writ of long ago but whose work on the sidelines continue to galvanize the Federation into action. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
According to the National Weather Service an EF-1 Tornado touched down in Fayette County one Saturday night in April 2013. One minor injury was reported.
A look at how survivalists are made, not born; and an overview of the basics of survivalism
The weather looked good for a film shoot - no rain. But is rain all to look out for? Evidently there is an invisible force that can smack you right off your feet, that you never think about!
Eco-pioneer Richard “Rishi” Sowa designed and built an artificial island kept afloat by 100,000 plastic bottles.
The hurricane Sandy has eases off after four days of total wreckage it brought on the east coast. American are already counting their loss and nobody knows when another hurricane we hit and where next. This is hoping American would learn from this super storm.
Hurricane Sandy may have devastating several corners of the city, but it will not dampen the spirit of its citizens to continue living.
Have you ever been critiqued on your writing skills? It may be the best thing that you ever did, because you will find out your writing strengths and weaknesses. Some new writers come out of the gate strong - like a hurricane - but fizzle out once stranded far away from the ocean. Rea...
Do you want to focus your laser with precision at the target audience? If so, this means your writing will need calibration to ensure pinpoint accuracy. This article will help you focus your laser sight correctly.
People tend to think that their association as well as possession can give the some measure of leverage. But not so in a natural disaster
It is also true that you can take some measures and reinforce your house to withstand the power of a hurricane. The following tips will help you to prepare your house for a hurricane.
Wreck Of The Riverdale is about a Schooner wrecked in a gail at sea, with only 3 survivors
Preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene got this story brewing in my head.
Is Hurricane Irene coming your way? Here are some ideas to make it a safer, calmer environment for you and your family. Be Safe!
There is always that shout of being blessed when a place has was fortunate enough not ot be hit by a disaster.
Hurricane season starts June 1. This is a little background on how they start.
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