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Every day I watch the same story again and again about that football player and his family and I just thank God it's no one I know personally. My heart goes out to them and I don't even know them, being tormented by the media on top of all their problems. I think it's a sin.
my mothers intentions is about a mother who left her family and tricked the father as if she wanted to come back just to steal what he had while he was gone and took off for good.
Think of me when it hurts.Some folks are too sensitive ....but during the act they are unmindful ... post they bleed
A short story of the childishness love brings out in people. Its about the things we do out of pride and lack of openmindedness that hurt the people we love the most.
A carry on from my last entry where I got fooled into an abusive relationship with someone I should never have even met.
Opinions on homosexuality span a wide range, and the very mention of the word evokes strong emotional or religious responses from some people. We agree with many others that homosexuality is not a perversion, illness, or sin, but a natural human variation growing out of complex develo...
There are times we need to realize how our words affect others.
For a friend who is going through a very difficult time right now.
Sometimes poetry can help you explain the words you long to speak. This poem is letting off some steam of my own
Through the troubled heart of a man who spent most of his life either in fear or causing it, searching for love or the idea of it can be so troubling. Yet, the rewards can lift a spirit so high they can lose track of reality all together. Either way, welcome to the open heart of the o...
Poetry about betrayal and hurt caused by someone close.
This page is about insulting other persons publicly. We must surely avoid it.
Explores and describes the difference between justice and revenge. Also looks at why vengeance is so appealing to those who have been hurt
When you give it all away in the name of friendship and fall flat on yo face, you usually end up feeling the way i do....
Sometimes, we meet people and think we're in love. Sometimes, they do some things that raise questions. Yet we find excuses for them - maybe they didn't mean it. Maybe they had a bad day/memory. Why can't emotions just go to the Deuce sometimes, I hear you say.
1. A quick poem about self image, and the frustration of looking at your reflection and seeing something you despise. 2. Just a couple of short acrostics about emotions we're all familiar with.
When love is broken it leaves every scar, the hurt welling up inside like a torrent of mixed emotions, speaking agony through your soul and spirit, and lost dreams depart into cold atmosphere.
Women hurting women has raised female anger.But is it true?
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