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Hydra was a dragon which was almost invincible and only Heracles could destroy it. This is a lovely tale and is quite relavent to the modern age
We are supposed to be living in a civilized world but our problems continue from time immemorial; unable to find common ground to unite and allowing few to impose their views, ride roughshod on us, while rhyme and reason are daily casualties. Getting to the facts of the matter with gl...
Leaders from across the world paid deserving tribute to a great leader of our times. And people everywhere felt a personal loss. Let us take the next momentous step in our march to peace and freedom to make Mandela's life leave a lasting legacy.
Daily news is mostly negative and leaves a pall of gloom all around. It is mainly greed, wars and bombing, but peace proves elusive. It is time for the majority writ for peace to run through a shift in consciousness - and not a day too soon!
The island of Hydra is located in the Argo-saronic region of Greece with small other islands. Its location is next to peloponnese it is a wide mountain island with many churches and one beautiful port with many fish boats and sea taxis for the near islands and the capital city of Athe...
A list of 26 monsters with brief descriptions this is part 2 E- K
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