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This article explains ideas and concepts on how hypnotherapy can help you quite smoking.
When we are injured, we feel an acute pain. When we are sick, having affection for a longer period of time, we feel a chronic pain. Three quarters of the intensity of the pain we encounter comes from our subconscious mind, and we can diminish it, we can control it.
In healthy physical condition, symptoms often appear to make the body uncomfortable. For example, leg pain, head feels dizzy, or nauseated.
This is a brief essay on the usage of Hypnosis in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is not meant as a guide on treatment hence why my treatment plans are missing. it is my personal view as a Curative Hypnotherapist on how I would treat PTSD.
This article was written to show how to use the power of the day dream to create positive change in your life.
Everything happens for a divine reason. We are all engaged in various activities which generate an investigative approach to our lives. When we are fully involved in the day-to-day situations, 'showing up for the script', we are able to entertain connecting ideas, circumstances and sc...
Hypnotherapy is an age old technique that is used in various medical fields successfully. The history of hypnotherapy gives us an idea of how its benefits were unveiled, and adopted as a technique in the medical and psychotherapeutic disciplines.
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