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Who has inspired you today? And who have YOU inspired? Through BEcoming our greatest versions, we inspire others to be THEIR greatest versions. This is how one person can change the world!
Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
God calls Moses and tells him that he is to lead his people out of Egypt and back to the land of Canaan.
Much has been written in recent years about the idea that we are all one – not just human beings either but that we are somehow connected with - are actually a part of - all that is and all that is happening, not just on our little planet but in the entire universe.
I always write a journal and end up tearing off the pages, tossing 'em up into some trash bin. But I guess it is time again that I take up the pen, jot whatever and clear my head a bit...
After a period of introspection and growing-up, this is what I've come up with.
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